Redefine Your Ritual

Indulge yourself with our finest quality specialty coffee from the wild land of Yunnan.

The finest ingredients often require the finest techniques. To perfect the ritual and craft the perfect cup of coffee one must apply this same philosophy.

Jizu Roast

Fruit. Nut. Chocolate. Satisfaction.

Enjoyed through a filter or as an espresso, our medium-roasted Jizu coffee is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Deep within the wild and ancient land of Yunnan, a family farm devotes itself to just one crop: specialty coffee.

Our coffee grows in a land of cultural riches and natural abundance. A place of Natural Harmony.

The story of Yunnan is the inspiration for our mission to bring fresh harmony to our daily lives.

Redefine Your Ritual

 Start your day the mindful way.

Fruit. Nut. Chocolate. Satisfaction. 

Enjoyed through a filter or as an espresso. Our medium-roasted Jizu Coffee is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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